About us

Lighting Getz was founded by a group of electricians who loved what they were doing.

Yet as much as wiring got us going, there were times that we felt like Thomas Edison himself  was laughing at us.


Buying supplies made us feel like losers who couldn’t get our act together.


Standing in front of long shelves and deciding between lighting supplies from forty different brands that all looked the same, how could we hope to know which items were decent and which were lemons? Online was even worse, with hundreds of brands fighting over our credit cards. And when we tried reaching out to customer support, we ended up talking to reps who had no idea what we were talking about. They were nice and tried to be helpful, but they really didn’t know much more than what was written on the packaging.


How Could We Change That?

After a few years of of having to test every single product through trial and error, with lots of wasted money but even more lessons, a lightbulb turned on in Asher’s head. We could help others in the way that we had so often wished we had been helped! Because we were electricians who actually used these supplies and knew what we were talking about, we could bring you the solid quality supplies that we ourselves had bought and were satisfied with.

We teamed up together, two hardworking electricians with years of experience under our tool belt, and combined all our knowledge and lessons learned the hard way. After many months of testing, creating, losing our balance and starting again, Lighting Getz was the result.


What this has to do with You

Really, why should you care about our story? The only reason you should is because it’s written on all the supplies you get from us. Not literally, but the fact that we have these particular supplies on our site means that veteran electricians tested and used the supplies you’re getting, and only put the ones they were totally happy with on the shelf. You don’t have to choose between a few brands and hope you made the right decision. You won’t have to go shopping again to choose a different brand and pray that it works better than the last one you spent hard-earned money on. When you select your supplies at Lighting Getz, you know that they were handpicked by electricians who only offer it because they were satisfied with it.

When you ask us a question about your products, you’re not speaking to a customer service rep behind a desk who doesn’t know the difference between … and ...  You’re talking to electricians in the field, who may have used that very product just a few minutes ago on a job. We know which products work and which ones don’t, and if you have a problem with a supply you bought, we can give you expert assistance, one electrician to another, until it works again.

We’re always loyal to our fellow electricians

We have a soft spot for electricians, because that’s who we are and that’s what we do. We’re here for each other, and that’s why we opened Lighting Getz; to bring you the best supplies that we ourselves investigated, with savings to put back into your pocket. That’s why if you ever aren’t happy with a product, for whatever reason, you can just ship it right back to us, in the same condition you got it in, and we will promptly give you back any money you spent. This way, you can order any supply you need without the tiniest prick of anxiety, because if you have any regrets we’ll refund you right away.

Remember, we’re here for you to help you get your job done right without all the trial and error we had to go through. Call us with any questions, worries or difficulties. You always get the answer you need at Lighting Getz, because we’re electricians who work with the same supplies you’re using.