25 Watt T4 JCD Halogen Light Bulb, 2800K Clear G9 Base, 120 Volt, Card

SKU: 0234111



Westinghouse T4 25 Watt Clear (2800K) G9 Base Halogen Single-Ended Light Bulb 0487000

JCD halogen light bulbs produce a bright, white light making them ideal for use in task or accent lighting. These halogen light bulbs are compact in size and offer long life compared to incandescent light bulbs. To help you find the right bulb for the right application, see Westinghouse’s full offering of JCD bulbs available in wattages ranging from 20 to 100 and have either GY6.35, GY7.9/8.0, G8, or G9 bases. G9 base JCD type halogen light bulbs have two loops on the base instead of straight pins. JCD type halogen light bulbs are line voltage (120-130 volt) bulbs that can be used in puck lights, under-cabinet lights, desk lamps, display lighting, accent and landscape lighting. These bulbs should not be touched with bare hands. The oil from skin can create hot spots on the glass that reduce the life of the bulb.

Product reference number 04870

  • JCD light bulbs are available in 120 and 130 volt and clear and frost
  • Bulb life of 2000 average rated hours
  • For use in puck lights, under-cabinet lights, desk lamps, accent and landscape lighting
  • Completely dimmable

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