4/9/20 Watt (Replaces 30/60/100 Watt) Omni A21 3-Way LED Light Bulb, 2700K Warm White E26 (Medium) Base, 120 Volt, Box

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      Westinghouse Omni 20 Watt Warm White (2700K) E26 (Medium) Base LED General Purpose Light Bulb 0314000

      The Omni A21 3-Way LED is a high-performance light bulb ideal for everyday use. This 4/9/20 watt light bulb can reduce energy and operating costs up to 80 percent compared to a 30/60/100 watt standard incandescent bulb with the same lumen output. With up to 25,000 average rated hours, this durable bulb offers long-term use, dependability and is suitable for damp locations. A21 3-Way light bulbs are perfect for general lighting purposes and provide the ability to create 3 multi-purpose levels of lighting.

      LED technology provides improved performance over popular energy-saving compact fluorescent technology. Substantially bright for everyday tasks, this instant-on light bulb can illuminate residential or commercial applications. The Omni A21 3-Way LED provides general illumination and can be used in pendant light fixtures, table and floor lamps.

      With a warm white color, the bulb offers excellent color quality while conserving energy. Free of harmful mercury, this LED is an environmentally-friendly choice.

      What's Included

      Omni A21 3-Way LED Light Bulb with Medium Base and Warm White Color.

      Product reference number 03140

      • BENEFITS

        • Quality components ensure optimum lumen output over the lifetime of the bulb
        • Offers lifetime cost savings compared to incandescent
        • Lamp life of 25,000 average rated hours is longer than conventional lighting
        • Free of harmful mercury, this LED bulb is an environmentally-friendly choice
        • Cooler operating temperature than incandescent light sources
        • Extended life


      • FEATURES

        • Medium base
        • Warm White color
        • 120 volts
        • 4/9/20 watts (30/60/100 watt equivalent)
        • Light appearance of 2,700 Kelvin
        • CRI of 80
        • Brightness of 350/810/1600
        • Lumens Instant on
        • Energy Star rated
        • ETL listed and RoHS and FCC compliant
        • 25,000-hour life (based on 3 hrs./day)
        • Estimated yearly cost of $0.48/1.08/2.41 (based on 3 hrs./day, $0.11/k/Wh)



        • Ceiling fixtures
        • Pendant light fixtures
        • Table lamps
        • Floor lamps



        • 5-5/16 inches (L )



        • Rated for indoor and outdoor use
        • Suitable for damp locations
        • Not for use in totally enclosed fixtures
        • Not for use with emergency exit fixtures or emergency exit lights



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