40 Watt R16 Flood Halogen Light Bulb, 2700K Frost E26 (Medium) Base, 120 Volt, Hanging Box

SKU: 0234140



Westinghouse R16 40 Watt (2700K) E26 (Medium) Base Halogen Reflector Light Bulb 3680900

Reflector Halogen light bulbs produce a bright white light and feature excellent beam control for general and directional lighting. These reflectors bulbs offer long life 2,500 average rated hours and are more efficient than standard incandescent reflectors. To help you find the right bulb for the right application, see Westinghouse’s full offering of reflector halogen bulbs available in a variety of lamp sizes and wattages. These halogen bulbs have medium screw bases making them compatible for use with standard household or commercial fixtures—everything from recessed or track lighting to cabinet or soffit lighting. Reflector halogen bulbs get extremely hot; do not touch with bare hands.

Product reference number 36809

  • Reflector sizes include R16, R20, BR25, BR30 and BR40
  • Provide bright white light, efficiency and long life
  • Available in flood beam type
  • For use in recessed, track, cabinet or soffit lighting
  • Completely dimmable

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