50 Watt JDR Halogen Flood Light Bulb, 2800K Clear Lens E26 (Medium) Base, 120 Volt, Card

SKU: 0234129



Westinghouse JDR 50 Watt (2800K) E26 (Medium) Base Halogen Reflector Light Bulb 0475300

JDR halogen light bulbs produce a bright white light and feature excellent beam control for accent or ambient lighting. These JDR bulbs offer long life lasts up to 2,000 hours. JDR bulbs are similar in appearance to MR11 and MR16 light bulbs, but are available in intermediate and medium screw bases. They can be used in curio cabinets, range hoods and track lighting. JDR bulbs get extremely hot; do not touch with bare hands.

Product reference number 04753

  • JDR halogen light bulbs are available in a variety of wattages, bases and beam spread
  • Lasts up to an average 2000 rated hours
  • For use in curio cabinets, range hoods and track lighting
  • Completely dimmable

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